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York Stone Paving 
There are two main catagories of yorkstone paving. Yorkstone paving slabs often refered to as yorkstone flags, because of the shape and yorkstone setts which are sometimes called yorkstone cobbles. Yorkstone paving slabs have a larger surface area in relation to depth than setts and were used for pavements, paths in fact anywhere that would be predominately walked on. Yorkstone setts have a relatively small surface area in relation to depth and were most often used in roadways, yards and drives, places that in the main were used by vehicles.

Inorganic secondary stone with less obvious bedding strata with angular, usually coarse grains. Yorkstone is more usualy a gritsone than a sandstone, the less obvious bedding strata makes it a particularly good material for setts.

Sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium carbonate.

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